Empowering Women To Live Their Dreams

Life can be short, but it’s also long enough for us to make great things happen.” – Unknown

Rebellious Dreamers, Inc. is a Michigan, USA-based nonprofit whose mission is to provide the lift for women to nurture their spirits, pursue their dreams, and achieve their goals. We combine money and love to empower women in ways other organizations do not. Through a project-based approach, we effectively support women’s organizations and women-owned small businesses to thrive. In so doing, we also leverage positive impacts in the larger communities of which these entities are a part.

Women Rising Legacy Project provides secure land tenure and opportunities and support for women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to create sustainable lives for themselves and their families. Learn more

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Women Lift Project is now its own independent nonprofit! And, we are thrilled! Women Lift provides loans to Black women-owned small businesses in Michigan. PLEASE SUPPORT THE NEW NONPROFIT! Learn more...